Updated GARK Storm suspension
fork embodied all the wishes of the most
experienced riders.
Key features and design
have been improved.
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High durability
Alloy 7075-Т6 and ultraprecise CNC machining of each element of the suspension provide its maximum rigidity
Unique construction
Arch and dropouts can be easily removed for repair or replace, and the new axis clamping system eliminates self loosening
Unique design
Variety of colors and innovative design of the fork broadcast confidence and power
How Gark fork was created and why this suspension fork became embodied the desire for newers and real pros

Wheel: 26"/27,5"

Stroke: 203 мм

Stanchions: 40 mm/ alloy 7075-T6/ hard anodizing + PTFE

Spring: open air cartridge / positive and negative chambers with relief valve.

Damper: closed cartridge RC / rebound and low speed compression adjustment

Crowns: milled / Alloy 7075-Т6

Lowers: Alloy 7075-Т6/ removable milled arch and screwed-in dropouts

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Stanchions step: 150 mm

Brake: Postmount 203 mm

Rotors’ max. size: 220 mm

Axle: 20 mm/ “cone-cone” clamping system + radial fixation

Steerer tube: 1-1/8” / Alloy 7075-Т6

Crowns and arch clamping bolts: М6/ titanium alloy

Application: DOWNHILL

Weight: from 2.900 gr

You can easily control the bike even on the most complex and extreme tracks
Quickly and comfortably learn new driving techniques, jumps, landings, cornering, etc.
You are absolutely sure of the reliability of the suspension, thanks to the innovative technology of metal processing
Bicycle fork serves you much longer under heavier loads
If something is broken, it is not necessary to buy a completely new suspension, you can easily replace only the necessary parts
There are still no analogs of GARK fork construction in the world, which could be so comfortable in use, and at the same time so rigid and very durable